Are Room Heaters Worth It In India 2023

As November approaches, the cold also increases, and if you live in the North East side of India, the winter season becomes colder for you.

Winter season is fun for some people, becomes a problem, and forces you to wear blankets and sweaters.

But is the room heater worth it to avoid this? And if yes, then how is it, we will give all this information in this article, then continue reading.

Room heaters are very helpful in avoiding cold, although they cannot be used anywhere outside the house, but you can avoid cold in the office and at home.

A simple answer to why you should buy a room heater is that it helps you avoid cold, as well as prevents the temperature of the room from decreasing so that you can do any work easily.

are room heaters worth it to buy?

A room heater is an easiest and cheapest way to beat the cold at this time and it is really worth buying a room heater to beat the cold. However, room heaters only help in saving you from the cold at home and in the office.

Even though you cannot use room heaters outside the house, using them at home can give you relief from the cold to a great extent during work at home.

There are many advantages of room heaters and some disadvantages too, but if you use them sparingly and carefully, they do not make your health any easier.

Do you know what the benefits of buying a room heater are?

advantages of room heaters 

  1. Relief from cold The first and the best advantage of a room heater is, the heat generated from the room heater prevents the temperature of the room from decreasing so that you do not feel cold in the room.
  2. If you do any work in the cold, then that work is not done at the right speed and it takes a lot of time, but if you use a room heater, then you can do the work in less time by avoiding the cold. I get it done.
  3. Room heater also keeps our body warm, so that we can avoid cold. Cold is common in winter, the treatment of which can be expensive for you, but room heaters can also save you from cold.
  4. You can avoid cold with a fan room heater, but you can also dry clothes, etc. in front of it, you can use it to dry clothes even on rainy days.

why you should buy a room heater?

This question is very important if you think that why should I buy a room heater, then let us know.

It is a very easy-to-use room heater and along with this room heater is the cheapest and easiest way to avoid cold, it has many benefits due to which you need to buy a room heater.

If you live in the northern region of India where the temperature remains very low, then room heaters can save you from the cold to a great extent. If you want to buy a room heater, then keeping in mind what things you should choose for the heater, let us know,

Things to keep in mind before buying a room heater

If you are thinking of buying a room heater for the first time, then there will be many questions in your mind about the type and features of room heater you should buy. The answers to all those questions are going to be given to you further,

room size

Room heater size is very important to point out if you buy a room heater for the first time because on the basis of the room you should choose a room heater. Generally speaking, a room heater of 500 watts capacity is used for a room of 5 square feet size to heat the room, if the size of your room is 200 square feet, then a room heater of 2000 watts capacity is used for it. is required.

energy efficient

If you are choosing any room heater, then definitely check the energy efficiency rating in that product because room heaters with 4 to 5-star ratings are energy efficient, which means they consume less electricity. BEE Star Rated room heaters indicate power efficiency, if the heater rating is from 1 to 3 stars then such room heaters should not be chosen.


While choosing a room heater, you must keep in mind that it is not difficult for you to move the room heater from here to there, in such a situation, you can choose those room heaters which have castor wheels so that they can be easily moved anywhere. can be carried.

noise level

In winter days the night is long and we get more sleep but if you like to sleep in a quiet environment then a room heater can disturb your sleep then in such a situation you should go with low noisy+ room heater Which generates very less noise so that there is no disturbance in your sleep.


To buy a room heater within the budget, you should keep in mind that the room heater comes under which price range. Usually, room heaters are available from 5000 to 7000.

Security Settings

To prevent overheating and damage to the room heater, it has some safety settings, which benefit the room heater and you too.

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