best massage chair in India 2023: buying guide & review

Are you one of those people who are looking for the best massage chair to have a good rest and a soothing sleep after a long day’s work?

best massage chair in India 2023

But do you think that a massage chair can provide an excellent relaxing massage? If you believe that massage chair really works, then you are right, but if not, then you will find the answer to this in this article.

Just 5 to 10 minutes of using a massage chair after a busy day can reduce your fatigue throughout the day and provide a better night’s sleep.

Keeping in mind that you get the best massage chair, today we have brought the Best Massage Chairs in India 2023, selected keeping in mind the price, warranty, quality, and features.

Before going into the details of massage chairs, let’s do a quick recap on do massage chairs really work.

let’s know

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list of best massage chairs in India quick recap

model pricebuy links
JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home1,08,900
KosmoCare Compact Economy Massage Chair74,900
BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair1,60,000
JSB MZ31 4D+ Massage Chair 3,99,000
Sobo 2020 HJ24 3D Full body massage chair 1,60.000
Robocura Full Body Massage Chair94,999
SSHI 4D7 PLUS robotic massage chair 1,65,000

Do massage chairs really work, if so how?

The massage chairs available in the market come in different designs and types and also their functions may be slightly different.

Although all massage chairs work in the same way, they include motors, gears, rollers, and vibration mechanisms. If seen in the true sense, it tries to work in the same way as a massage done by hand.

Massage chairs work depending on their design and the purpose for which they are made, with some massage chairs working by triggering only the neck and back, and some coming with complex procedures that work for full body massage. Does

All massage chairs can adjust the speed and intensity of the massage, and some massage chairs also come with heat therapy. All massage chairs function based on their design, but their purpose is to provide comfort to the body and relief from pain.

There can be many benefits of a massage chair, but without wasting much of your time, we can give information about some of the main benefits.

  • It reduces muscle soreness after exercise and also enhances muscle recovery.
  • Massage chair reduces stress and anxiety which has a direct impact on your physical and mental health.
  • It helps in reducing diseases like insomnia as well as helps in getting comfortable sleep.
  • This is a better option for those people who are troubled by back pain, then massage chair can be a good option for them to get relief from back pain.
  • It has been told by experts that stress increases blood pressure and heart rate and massage chair reduces stress, which also improves blood circulation.

These were some of the main massage chair benefits so that you can get an idea of whether massage chairs really work.

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Let us now know the best 7 massage chairs in India that can give you relief from problems like pain, stress, and insomnia.

7 best massage chair in India 2023

JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home

best massage chair in india 2023

The JSB brand manufactures a range of products in India that improve the health of people, including leg massagers and foot massagers as well as massage chairs.

JSB MZ230 Massage Chair is the best option for those who are looking for a good massage chair on a low budget. It provides a relaxing massage to the entire body. In this, kneading rollers and airbags have been given to give a better massage to the whole body.

It has 8 rollers provided for back and neck massage. This massage chair has 3 auto turns which you can use as per your convenience.

Along with this, the foot rollers fitted in this chair help in removing the stiffness of the feet, which leads to a reduction of pain and relief to the muscles of the feet. You get it with a compact design so that it occupies less space in the house.

The airbags and rollers used in this help to circulate the blood circulation in the whole body and the massage done by it improves the blood circulation in the whole body.

It can be tilted or raised as per the need, making it easy to use for all classes of people. You get a 1-year national warranty on this massage chair.

  • Provides more convenience with better performance.
  • Comes with one year national warranty.
  • There are 3 auto turns which can be adjusted as per the requirement.
  • Good reviews have been provided by the customers after using them.

    KosmoCare Compact Economy Massage Chair

    best massage chair in india

    This massage chair from Cosmocare is the most affordable and low priced range massage chair available in India. If your budget is less then you can choose this massage chair for your home.

    The company claims on this massage chair that it provides relief to the body using zero gravity. It works like an L-track, giving you a noiseless massage as it glides from your upper back down to your legs.

    You get a total of 8 airbags in this massage chair which are located in the thighs and calves and improve blood circulation while massaging your tired and aching muscles. Along with this, you also get a Bluetooth speaker so that you can enjoy music during the massage.

    Talking about the massage of this massage chair, 7 massage modes have been provided in it, apart from this, the preset auto massage mode gives you the best massage experience. Along with this, three-speed controls are also available in it which can be used according to the need.

    Along with this, it has 4 heated massage rollers providing heating massage in conjunction with other parts. The control of the massage chair is in the armrest which is more comfortable to operate. You get one year warranty on this massage chair from the brand.

    If you are looking for a massage chair with good qualities in a low price, then choosing this can be the best option.

    • Comfortable massage with easy to use
    • 7 different massage modes reduce muscle pain.
    • Heat therapy is helpful in reducing back pain.
    • Available at a lower price than other products.
    • The intensity can be adjusted.

      BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair

      best massage chair in India 2023

      This massage chair at number three comes with comfortable 4d technology which provides superior comfort as well as a hands-on massage experience.

      This massage chair offers a relaxing feature of the full body as well as head massage which is worth the price paid for it. This massage chair provides a relaxing body massage with the zero gravity feature.

      An additional belt for head relaxation is provided in this massage chair which is useful for head massage. It is provided with suitable rollers for a back massage and cloud-type airbags massage and foot massage.

      The rollers and airbags fitted in this massage chair help in relieving muscle tension and help in better blood circulation. Along with this, the zero gravity feature improves the quality of sleep. In this massage chair, you are provided with a full one-year warranty from the brand.

      • Head massage is included along with full body massage.
      • Automatic massage chair equipped with 4D technology
      • Helpful in improving blood circulation
      • one year warranty
      • Not much information has been provided about the product.

      JSB MZ31 4D+ Massage Chair 

      best massage chair in India 2023

      This massage chair from JSB is one of the massage chair in India that comes with the most advanced technology that comes with enhanced comfort and comfortable massage. The massage done by this gives you the feel of a manual massage.

      This massage chair offers SL track massage as well as 4D massage with long rollers for back and hip massage that works with zero gravity to give a nice and relaxing massage.

      In this, you get a combination of different massage techniques which include kneading, tapping, Shiels, twisting, etc. It is designed as a space saver design that does not cover any extra space.

      Talking about its control, it can be controlled by hand or remotely. It can be used as a wireless controller or hand-side controller as a quick access button as per your need.

      JSB MZ31 is designed in such a way that it provides massage by covering every area of the body. Which improves better blood circulation along with giving relief to the muscles. You have been given a Bluetooth speaker in this massage chair to enjoy music during the massage.

      Apart from this, you get a lot of convenience in this massage chair, which you can see and buy by visiting its product page below. Apart from this, you get 3 years national warranty from JSB.

      • It comes with good features according to its price.
      • It provides better owner to the whole body.
      • 4D massage chair with zero gravity with SL track
      • This product has the highest warranty among all the products in the list.
      • it’s a bit expensive

      Sobo 2020 HJ24 3D Full body massage chair 

      best massage chair in India 2023

      At this price, this massage chair from Sobo can give you a few more features and a comfortable massage. It provides a superior massage with multiple massage techniques to reduce insomnia and stress.

      The rollers work on the L track to provide better massage to the shoulders and thighs. Apart from this, a 24V carbon fiber heating function has been provided for a back massage, which can prove to be very beneficial for people suffering from back pain.

      In this, you also get three-speed controls with six automatic programs, which you can increase or decrease according to your need. In addition, the foot massager includes a two-way stretch mechanism to allow effective massage of various points.

      There are three groups of rollers for the soles, which provide a comfortable massage to each part. Additionally, it is made from skin-friendly leatherette material and operates silently to maintain a serene ambiance.

      The Sobo massage chair is based on a fast reversal technology that far exceeds the experience of a traditional hand massage. Along with this, progressive airbags have been used in it, which are multi-level and can give more or less deep massage on muscles and acupressure.

      Plus, you can make custom adjustments that help you find the right massage position and comfortable seating. One year warranty is available with this massage chair and it comes with 7 days replacement facility.

      • It offers better massage with more facilities.
      • Experience the traditional massage.
      • Comes with one year warranty.

        Robocura Full Body Massage Chair

        best massage chair in India 2023

        Robocura Magic Massage Chair is also available at an affordable price. If you are looking for a massage chair for home use, then this can be an ideal option for you.

        In this massage chair, you get six auto massage programs which provide better massage to the body. Apart from this, it is equipped with all the facilities. The Robocura Magic Massage Chair comes with an attractive design to give you effortless relaxation and ease of use.

        Apart from this, it has a pre-timer feature, so that you can set a timer for the massage and set a time. This massage chair is designed to ease your muscle aches and reduce your stress while creating a soothing environment.

        Along with this, hit function and back curve kneading massage mode is provided to reduce back pain and provide massage. This massage chair provides whole body healthy service focusing on your tired muscles and accelerates blood circulation and loosens muscle stiffness.

        It also comes with a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music during a relaxing massage. Also, one year comprehensive warranty is also available.

        • Available in an affordable.
        • Six auto programs are provided for more comfortable massage.
        • It comes with light weight which makes it easy to install.

          SSHI 4D7 PLUS robotic massage chair 

          best massage chair in India 2023

          Last on our list of best massage chairs in India is the SSHI 4D7 PLUS Zero gravity robotic massage chair. This massage chair comes with SL track which uses rollers to massage from neck to thighs.

          In this, from the head and neck to the hands and soles, it provides a good massage through the air pressure program. Apart from this, you have been given a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music during the massage.

          Along with this, you get heating massage for back massage as well as 6 other massage functions. Apart from this, it also has a timer feature which can be adjusted as per personal preference.

          There are 4 preset modes available in auto and manual operation mode which can be applied as per your choice and can also be adjusted as per your requirement during manual operation.

          The backrest and calf rest can be power lifted and recline separately. The longest warranty you get on this massage chair is 5 years and the service warranty is around 10 years.

          • Nice and compact design for better comfortable massage
          • longer warranty
          • Available in three different color options.
          • Its back style is more rigid.

          8 things to consider before buying a massage chair

          You can have many benefits of sitting on a massage chair and getting a massage from it, and keeping this in mind, you have also decided to buy a massage chair.

          There are many things that you should keep in mind while buying a massage chair, although you may not know it all if you try to choose a massage chair for the first time.

          There are many products available in the market which come with different properties but which one should you choose, do you know?

          Let us tell you those 8 such things keeping in mind a massage chair should be bought.

          Massage Technique

          If you look at any massage chair, its first function is to provide you the best and comfortable massage. So it is very important to keep in mind what technology the machine is offering.

          Mastering techniques can be of different types like full body massage, kneading, tapping, shielsu etc. Although all massage chairs come with auto turn. Which provides relief from pain in the muscles of the body.

          Coverage Area

          Along with the technique of massage in the massage chair, you can also consider the area of the body covered by the chair you see.

          Keeping all this in mind, massage chairs offer full body massage and cover areas such as back massage and neck massage and also come with the ability to cover the feet and soles.

          Shape or Track System

          When buying a massage chair, you are often told that one comes with an S track and the other comes with an L track. So what do they mean after all?

          S Track: S track refers to the shape of the massager on the back and it completes the massage through rollers.

          L Track: The L track system covers more space and provides a better massage. It covers the back and thighs area better than the S track.

          speed control

          The motion control feature is a must have for a first time user of any massage chair as it is a bit difficult for you initially when you take the massage. But if you gradually increase the intensity by reducing it, then it becomes easier for the person doing the massage.

          Heat Function

          You use any massage chair either to get relief from body pain or to reduce back pain.

          You get to see the heat function in the products available in the market, which is often limited to the lower back, but if you want to experience heat massage on the whole back, then you should choose a massage chair according to your needs.

          Size and Weight

          Before you choose the massage chair, it is very important to measure the size and weight according to your needs. Although the companies making massage chairs claim that the massage chair has been designed like a space saver.

          But you should buy the massage chair according to your condition and place. Apart from this, the location of the plug to connect it to electricity etc. are also worth seeing.


          The massage chair should have controls adapted to your convenience to control it during use. The products available in the market come with remote control or side hand control and some new technology products also come with mobile control.

          Which one you should choose depends on the convenience as you are more capable with which type of control. However, most people prefer to buy massage chairs that come with remote control features as they are easier to control during the massage.


          Talking about massage chair, it is more expensive, so if you are choosing to buy a massage chair within a budget, then you can choose the one that costs less than 1,00,000.

          But if you are looking for a massage chair with more features out of the budget, then without worrying about the price, you can choose the best and best performing massage chair for yourself.

          These are some of the main points that you need to keep in mind before buying a massage chair. If you choose a massage chair after checking all the facts, then you can choose a massage chair with high quality and technology.

          FAQ: best massage chair in india

          Which massage chair to buy in India?

          JSB MZ230 Massage Chair is the best option for those who are looking for a good massage chair on a low budget. It provides a relaxing massage to the entire body. In this, kneading rollers and airbags have been given to give a better massage to the whole body.

          bottom line

          If you too are tired of searching for the best massage chair and still haven’t found the ideal massage chair for you, then this article will be very helpful for you.

          After reading the entire article, you can decide which is the best massage chair for you? We hope you must have liked this article and you must have got all the information about your work in this article.

          thanks for reading


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