Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023: review and buying guide

If you do office work or more sitting work on a daily basis, then you must have faced back pain and back pain. Due to back pain, neither you are able to sleep better nor you can work in a better way.

Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023
best mattress for back pain

If you are also troubled by waist and back pain, then you need a pain relief mattress that can help you get better sleep and help you get rid of the pain.

Keeping this in mind, we have brought for you today the best mattress for back pain available in India, which you must use.

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list of best mattresses for back pain in India quick overview

modelpricebuy links
duroflex Back Magic for back pain6,201
Wakefit Mattress Orthopedic Mattress11,639
Sleepyhead Flip Dual Sided mattress7,649
Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Orthopedic mattress23,675
Sunidra Certified Natural Orthopedic Coir Mattress9,215

What is the best mattress for back pain?

Many companies in the market tell you that our mattress is the best for you, but if you invest in a mattress for back pain, you will later realize that the money you invested was wasted. Is.

Before choosing a mattress for back pain, you should consider the type of mattress, its cost, and most importantly your requirement so that you can select an ideal back pain mattress for yourself.

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type of mattress for back pain available in India

Before choosing a mattress, it is very important to know its type, apart from this, you should know which type of mattress is best for back pain, and let us know the types of mattresses used for back pain.

1. Innerspring Mattress

 Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is one of the most commonly used older mattresses which uses a spring along with the material used on top to make it more flexible and comfortable.

2. latex mattress

latex mattress

Latex mattresses typically combine latex foam with either spring or reflex foam. These mattresses are bouncier and more responsive than innerspring mattresses

3. memory foam mattress

memory foam mattress

This is a type of artificial mattress that was patented by NASA. It is very soft and flexible, which is why it is also more popular.

4. hybrid mattress

hybrid mattress

It is the most comfortable and best for back pain and back pain. This mattress is a mix of all that is a combination of innerspring, latex foam, and memory foam mattress. The internal structure of these mattresses is made of steel coils, single or joint, and latex or memory foam, which provide bounceback and softness when pressure is applied rapidly.

top 5 Best Mattress for Back Pain in India

duroflex Back Magic for back pain

Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023

The 1st ranked mattress for back pain in India is the Back Magic Orthopedic Mattress by Duroflex which is doctor recommended for use in back pain and lumbar pain.

This mattress is manufactured from memory foam and high-density coir which helps a lot in relieving back pain. This mattress is designed with 5-zoned orthopedic technology to provide the most advanced back support and help with spinal alignment.

High-density coir provides you with natural coolness in this mattress. It does not need to be assembled. Its upper part is made of woven fabric with foam material.

It is 72cm long, 30cm wide and 12.7cm high this helps you to choose as per your requirement. Talking about the warranty, it comes with a long warranty of 7 years along with which 10 days return facility is also available.

It is available in the lowest price mattress for back pain that can help you get better sleep and provide relief from pain.

  • High Density Orthopedic Coir
  • This mattress comes preassembled
  • Contains naturally total coir with 5 jointed orthopedic layer
  • Available in single size only

Wakefit Mattress Orthopedic Mattress

Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023

This mattress can help you to get rid of back pain. The Wakefit mattress comes with a memory foam mattress structure that measures 6 inches tall. It is also a good option for a double bed.

This mattress has motion separation, which helps a lot in sleeping peacefully, even if your partner moves, you will not disturb your sleep at all.

Talking about the upper part of this mattress, this next-generation memory foam has been used along with which 7 pressure zone foam and high resilience foam have also been used. Which molds according to the body and helps in getting better sleep.

Due to its white color, you may need to wash it, however, you get a removable cover that can be easily machine or hand-washed. It uses the latest technological innovations to provide you with excellent back support.

This product is available in different sizes and designs which you can choose according to your requirement. You get a full 10-year warranty on this product with seven 10-day return options available

  • It is very soft which will not disturb your sleep at all
  • It gets removable cover which can be easily washed
  • comes with a long warranty

    Sleepyhead Flip Dual Sided mattress

    Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023

    This mattress from sleepyhead flip number three can help you get better sleep. Talking about its composition, in the first layer you get soft knit fabric which has small pores which wick away the moisture from the body and help in giving a good night’s sleep.

    On the other side, you get soft foam which provides comfort and a cushiony feel. After this, for those people who have back pain and back pain, the third layer is made of hard foam which provides support to people with back pain. It is available in different sizes depending on your need. can choose it.

    You get to see it in white and gray colors, although there is no cover above it, which can make it a bit difficult to wash. Along with this, you also get 5 years warranty and a 100-day free trial.

    • A good option to relax the body
    • Its third level is fitted with hard foam, which gives relief to those suffering from back pain.
    • It has 100 days free trial
    • White color gets dirty quickly

    Springfit Reactive Dual Memory Orthopedic mattress

    Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023

    This springfit mattress is made with high gsm fabric covered with NASA-created memory foam which is flexible and comfortable enough to help you get a sweet sleep.

    The construction type used is better than the traditional memory foam in which the comfort layer is flexible, in addition to providing more comfort, the advanced air technology maintains air circulation in the mattress for better comfort and even body temperature remains balanced.

    Apart from this, some of its key features include Tight Top mattresses, Aero Sleep Memory Foam, Orthopedic mattresses, Zero Partner Disturbance, and Dual Comfort. Memory foam helps to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.

    This mattress has a total of 7 layers with Aero Sleep Memory Foam acting as the comfort layer and Memory Foam acting as the support layer. You get a full 5-year warranty on this mattress. This can be a better option if you are choosing a mattress outside the budget.

    • With very modern design and comfort
    • Better than traditional memory foam
    • long warranty

      Sunidra Certified Natural Orthopedic Coir Mattress

      Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2023

      The ultimate mattress for back pain is the sunidra CR200 which comes with a natural orthopedic coir.

      It is made from a natural rubberized coir that allows air to circulate effectively in the mattress and maintains a relatively cool sleeping temperature. The high-quality natural coir insert provides firm back support, prevents sagging, and contributes to lasting style.

      The upper layer is made of a PU foam layer which provides flexibility and adjusts according to the contours of the body thereby aiding in healthy and restful sleep. The upholstery material of the mattress is made using 350 gsm woven fabric thereby adding extra comfort and durability to the mattress making it an ideal choice for your bedroom and back pan.

      To make it more comfortable and convenient, it is made of multi-layer material which acts as a barrier between the sleeper body and the support core. You get 2 years warranty on this mattress apart from which good customer support is also available.

      • with nice and attractive design
      • certified orthopedic mattress
      • It is good choice for adult people
      • low cost and low maintenance
      • Limited warranty available

      how to select best mattress for back and neck pain in India

      If you are also thinking of buying a mattress to get relief from back pain and get good comfortable sleep, then keep in mind what things you can choose for the best mattress for back pain and neck pain.

      Do you get many products in the market whose price is either very high or very low, due to which you are not able to decide which is the best mattress for you?

      mattress size

      If you want to choose or buy a mattress for yourself, then you must first know the size of the mattress. Because if you like to sleep with your partner then definitely you will need a double mattress. But if you are looking for a mattress for one person, then in such a situation single mattress is the better option for you.

      mattress thickness

      Orthopedic mattresses generally come with thicknesses of 5, 6, and 8 inches. According to experts, if your weight is less than 60 kg then you can choose a 5-inch mattress, but if your weight is between 60 to 80 kg then a 6-inch mattress can be considered better for you. Apart from this, if your weight is more than 80 kg then you need a mattress of 8-inch thickness.

      mattress comfort

      Higher-end mattresses often provide better sleep and comfort, making them more in demand. If you choose a mattress, then you must check once from your side whether the mattress you are buying can give you comfortable sleep and pleasure or not.

      Types of Mattress

      Memory foam and natural latex mattresses are the most popular and good quality varieties of orthopedic mattresses in India that people prefer the most. You can choose any mattress as per your choice. However, natural latex allows for better air circulation than memory foam.

      better back support

      Mattresses that support the natural curvature and alignment of the reeds are considered the best for back pain relief. If the mattress you are choosing should have the right amount of back support because right back support helps the patient avoid muscle pain after waking up in the morning.

      mattress quality

      The last point that you must consider is the quality of the mattress because if you are investing money in a mattress for your health, then you must make sure that the product lasts longer. . In such a situation, you should buy the mattress only after looking at the size, thickness, and weight of the mattress so that you do not get disturbed in your sleep in any way.

      What softness of mattress is best for back pain?

      Generally, a medium firm mattress is recommended for back pain as it provides better comfort and also helps in relieving the pain.

      What is the best mattress thickness for back pain?

      According to experts, a mattress with a thickness of 8 to 12 inches is considered better for people suffering from back pain because it softens according to the natural curvature of the reed and also prevents the mattress from sinking.

      Should you choose a hard or soft mattress if you suffer from back pain?

      People suffering from back pain are advised to avoid both soft and hard types of mattresses. For more comfort, they can choose a medium-firm mattress.

      Can back pain patients really benefit from mattresses?

      Yes, mattresses help in relieving pain for any back pain patient. They support the natural curvature and alignment of the reeds. They are considered the best for back pain relief.

      final words

      We hope your search for the best mattress for back pain has come to an end here and you have found a good quality mattress. If you choose a mattress because of its low price, then it will not be a good option for you.

      Go above the price and choose a mattress that can provide you with better comfort and more convenience.


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