best wifi geyser in India 2023

It is best to take a hot water bath after a tiring day as it relieves the stress and pain in your body and helps you sleep better.

But on cold days it becomes difficult to go to the bathroom without hot water, but in such a situation, electric geysers or geysers that come with WiFi connectivity can help you a lot.

best wifi geyser in india 2023

The advantage of WiFi connectivity is that with this you can easily control the geyser from your bedroom or hall, as well as its smart app feature lets you know about any problem in the geyser directly in your app.

So do you also want to know about the best wifi geyser in India, then let’s know,

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In the present times, technology has expanded a lot and as a result, we have got some such facilities that bring a lot of ease into our daily life, one of them is wifi embedded geysers, which can be easily operated from anywhere with the help of wifi.

best wifi geyser in India 2023

Haier (ES25V-SD WIFI) 25 Litres Vertical Smart Wi-Fi Water Heater

best wifi geyser in india 2023

This smart geyser can save you from the hassle of visiting the geyser frequently to check the water temperature, Haier ES25V wifi router smart geyser comes with 25 liters of capacity which is sufficient for a medium-sized family.

This geyser comes with more features and technology than the normal geyser, as well as you get to see iot and wifi connectivity options. If you are also fond of using smart gadgets, then you can choose this wifi embedded geyser for your bathroom.

This geyser comes with ibps technology which heats the water at its optimum temperature to give you a healthy and hygienic shower that kills the harmful bacteria that harm the skin.

This geyser is designed with three layers ultra coating to increase the lifetime of the tank. Also, it comes with the ability to withstand high pressure for use in high-rise buildings. This geyser can withstand up to 8 Bars rated pressure. is capable of.

Furthermore, this geyser comes with an 800 SS heating element that ensures 97.9% faster heating efficiency and delivers high temperatures for heating water—also equipped with an inbuilt PCB for voltage fluctuation protection which increases the lifespan of the geyser.

This geyser comes with a long warranty of 7 years If you are looking for the right option within the range of 10,000 to 15,000 then this can be a good geyser for you.

  • equipped with ibps technology
  • Comes with pressure suitable for use in high rise buildings
  • With powerful heating element
  • high quality tank

    Glen 25 Litre WiFi Enabled Smart Water Heater

    best wifi geyser in india

    Next up is the Glenn 25 Ltrs WiFi Enabled Smart Geyser which looks pretty sleek and attractive. This geyser comes with a capacity of 2000 watts, which helps in heating the water quickly. In this geyser, you get smart control features, as well as you can easily control it through WiFi.

    This smart water heater comes with 25 liters of water capacity which is suitable for a medium-sized family. It comes with a suitable water capacity for bath and kitchen use.

    This geyser is also mobile-compatible with cloud-based functionality which can be easily operated through a mobile app as well. Suitable for use in high-rise buildings, this geyser comes with a high-pressure capacity in which it can withstand water pressure of up to 8 bars.

    The tank is glass line coated to increase the lifetime of the inner tank in the geyser which keeps the inner part of the tank rust-free as well as the outer body of the geyser is also made of strong plastic. It uses a powerful heating element to heat the water quickly.

    In this water heater, you get 3 years warranty on the heating element and 7 years on the inner tank.

    • easy control
    • 2 Stainless Steel Pipes for free installation
    • long warranty
    • Equipped with smart WiFi connectivity and mobile app

      Crompton 15L Smart Storage Water Heater

      best wifi geysers in India 2023

      This smart geyser from Crompton is also a perfect smart geyser for home use which comes with ease of use and better convenience. This geyser comes with 25 liters capacity. This geyser comes with WiFi and mobile app features so that it can be used from anywhere. can be controlled.

      Available in this Solarium Cube IOT offers pre-set bathing modes for a customized bathing experience that gives much better results. Apart from this, this geyser is also user-friendly as it can be easily controlled with my cromoton app.

      This geyser can also be controlled by voice through Alexa and Google Assistant which makes it more convenient. This geyser comes with a 5-star BEE rating which helps a lot in saving energy.

      In this, you also get the smart scheduler function, so that you can heat the water before use through the timer and take it for quick work at the time of need. Along with this, you get a powerful heating element of 1200 gm which heats the water within just 10 minutes.

      This geyser from Crompton comes with all the safety parameters to avoid electric shocks and any other hazards as well as it automatically shuts off in case of geyser malfunction. Coming to the warranty, 2 years warranty on the geyser, 7 years on the tank, and 2 years on the heating element are provided from the date of purchase.

      • easy use
      • comes with better controls
      • Voice control feature available
      • Powerful heating element

        Racold Omnis Wi-Fi 25 Litres Vertical 5 Star Storage Water Heater

        best wifi geyser in india

        This geyser from racold present in the next step comes with the most modern technology and features this geyser comes with 25 liters capacity which is a storage water heater.

        This water heater from Racold comes with Titanium Plus technology which ensures better durability and endurance. It has a titanium enamel coating on the inside and a specially designed steel titanium tank on the heating element that helps it resist pressure and water impurities.

        In this, you get an eco function which is a self-learning function that monitors and automatically controls the water temperature by understanding your usage patterns and saving energy without compromising on comfort.

        Also, it has a microprocessor that keeps all the parameters under check automatically and it keeps you safe from electric shock, sends you timely information, and automatically shuts down in case of malfunction.

        This is one of the best tech geysers on our list as it comes with WiFi connectivity which makes it easy to control from anywhere. With high-pressure capacity, it is suitable for use in high-rise buildings as well.
        Talking of safety, it gives you three levels of protection against high temperature and pressure with a cutout, thermostat, and safety valve.

        Lastly, talking about its warranty, you get a long warranty of 2 years on the product, 4 years on the heating element, and 7 years on the tank. Along with this, a free installation service is also provided to you.

        • Better control with WiFi support
        • better security level
        • The self-learning function is more useful
        • auto diagnose
        • Free installation service
        • The price is a bit high but worth the price

        Hindware Smart Appliances Elicio Ipro 15 L Water Heater

        best wifi geyser in India

        Last but not the least, this smart geyser from hindware comes in the list of best wifi geysers in India, which is equipped with an IIT feature, which makes it very easy and simple to use, it can be connected to mobile apps and wifi, and also with voice control feature. comes

        This smart water heater comes with 15 liters of water capacity so that it can easily meet the water needs of a small family. In this geyser, you get a long-lasting powerful copper heating element that heats up water quickly and makes it usable.

        Also, a glass-lined tank is provided on the inner tank to increase the life of the geyser. Along with this, to keep the water hot for a long time, a better insulation layer has been provided in it. Also provided an analog indicator to show the temperature inside the heater while heating the water.

        You can use it easily even if you live in high-rise buildings as it comes with a high-pressure capacity which does not cause any damage to the heater. With this, if we talk about security, then in this you get three-tier security during its use.

        This water heater comes in a compact size so that you can use it easily even in a bathroom with less space. This heater comes with a warranty of 7 years on the tank, 3 years on the heating element, and 2 years on the entire product.

        • with smart control feature
        • easy control
        • Better Quality
        • Comes with low water capacity

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