how many watts mixer grinder is good for home

If you are also thinking of getting a mixer grinder for your home, then this question must have come to your mind: how many watts mixer grinder is good for home?

how many watts mixer grinder is good for home

This question is also very important because choosing the right mixer grinder for home is a difficult task but more important than that is to know about the wattage of the mixer grinder.

For domestic use, a mixer grinder with a capacity of 500W to 750W is considered to be a better option in India as it is suitable for all the domestic mixing tasks that are important for a household.

Before knowing how many watts of a mixer grinder is ideal for domestic use, you should know what is the meaning of watt in a mixer grinder and why it is so important.

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So let’s know through simple words which is the ideal mixer grinder for you.

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What is the meaning of watt?

Watt is a unit of power that measures the amount of energy an object needs to do work at the rate at which the energy is consumed. In simple terms, the unit used to measure the amount of energy transferred to any device is the watt, which is denoted by ‘W’.

You have come to know what is the definition of a watt, so let us now know what is the meaning or importance of a watt in a mixer grinder.

What is the meaning of watts in a mixer grinder?

If you look at any electrical appliance, the power consumption in it is usually measured in watts and similarly, a mixer grinder is also an electric appliance, so the power consumption used in it is also measured in watts. Is.

But the wattage in a mixer grinder refers to its power and performance which we often talk about while buying a mixer grinder. The higher the wattage of the mixer grinder, the higher will be the RPM of the blade fitted in it. RPM stands for rotational speed. To understand RPM in more simple language, it is the unit used to measure the rotation per minute of the blades in the mixer.

how many watts mixer grinder is good

Your use of a mixer grinder depends on how many watts the mixer grinder is good for you, so let us know on the basis of usage, how many watts the mixer grinder is good for home use.

Keeping in mind how many watts mixer grinder is good, then to understand it in easy language, we will divide it into three categories on the basis of usage.

for little use

If you are looking for a mixer grinder for low usage then a mixer grinder below 500 watts is an ideal choice as it is an affordable option with low energy consumption and low cost. You can use this capacity mixer grinder for small mixing tasks.

Also, if your family is small and the need for mixing is not much, then in such a situation a 500-watt mixer grinder can be the ideal option for you.

for moderate use

In the next category come those people who need to do more mixing work, as well as those whose family is of 5 to 6 numbers, then in this case you can go for a mixer grinder with 500 to 750-watt capacity.

You can use these mixers on a daily basis. The 750-watt mixer grinder with an rpm ranging from 185000 to 20000 is a suitable choice for medium usage wherein it comes with adequate power for preparing spices, dal, idli batter, etc.

Though it is available at a higher price than a 500-watt mixer grinder it is a good idea to choose the right wattage mixer grinder based on your usage and requirement.

for more use

In this category come those who need to do a lot of mixing work on a daily basis and for a long time, such as grinding pulses, and grinding dry spices, besides grinding some other hard products, then 1000 watt capacity mixer grinder is for them. The use of is correct.

But this mixer grinder is quite expensive as compared to 750 watt and 500 watt and it consumes more power due to which they are not considered the ideal options for home use. They are mostly used in hotels and restaurants.

The 1000-watts mixer grinder comes with 22,000 rpm which allows it to be used for more rigorous mixing and also for longer usage time.

What is the best watts mixer grinder for home?

Talking about Indian kitchens, usually, the work of grinding spices, idli batter, pulses, etc. is more and in such a situation if you go with a low-capacity mixer grinder that comes with 500 wattages then it will work at low rpm Will provide which will take you a lot of time for grinding work.

If you are one of those who do daily grinding work, then you should go for a mixer grinder with 500 to 750-watt capacity as it provides good performance with high rpm and tries to meet all the needs of the kitchen. Is.

How many watts of mixer grinder should I choose?

As we told you that a mixer grinder with a capacity of fewer than 500 watts can be used occasionally, but if you do the work of grinding hard materials on a daily basis, then you should go for a mixer grinder with a capacity of 750 watts.

Mixer grinders with a capacity above 750 are made of high-quality and durable material which makes them easy to use for a long time, also it will take less time to grind hard ingredients thus saving your time.


While choosing any mixer grinder you should also consider its quality, price, and power. If you want a good quality and durable mixer grinder that grinds hard-to-hard ingredients in less time, then in such a situation you should choose a mixer grinder with a 750-watt capacity.

Same if you are going to use a mixer grinder less then you can also choose a 500-watt mixer grinder which comes with low cost and low power consumption.

We hope you have liked this information that after all, how many watts of a mixer grinder is good for home, and what is the right wattage of a mixer grinder for low use?


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