How To Choose A Kitchen Chimney With 8 steps (Beginner’s Guide)

Talking about Indian kitchens, the most spicy and fried food is made here, due to which the kitchen becomes sticky and smelly, along with this, it also makes your kitchen tiles oily, which spoils the beauty of the kitchen. affects.

To solve all these problems, we have a simple solution and that is a kitchen chimney. The Kitchen Chimney is specially designed to exhaust the smoke, odor, and oil particles from the kitchen, thus making your kitchen smoke-free easily.

how to choose a kitchen chimney
How To Choose A Kitchen Chimney

But choosing a kitchen chimney becomes a bit difficult for you when you think of buying a kitchen chimney for the first time and if you do not get the right advice then the chimney you buy becomes a problem for you.

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Keeping this in mind, we have told in this article how to choose a best kitchen chimney. Here we have listed some points worth keeping in mind while buying a kitchen chimney.

How to choose a kitchen chimney

Here we have noted down all the eight points which you must keep in mind while buying a chimney so that you can get a better and best kitchen chimney. Let us try to understand each point better.

kitchen size

It is necessary to keep the size of the kitchen in mind because depending on the size of the kitchen, you can choose a kitchen chimney. It is very important to keep in mind the size of the kitchen for proper space and ventilation for the kitchen chimney.

kitchen chimney size

Kitchen chimneys come in different designs and sizes so you have to choose the size of the chimney keeping in mind your requirement. For example, if you use a 2 or 3-burner stove for cooking, then a kitchen chimney with 60 cm dimensions can be a suitable option for you.

But if you use a stove with 4 to 5 burners, then you can choose a 90 cm kitchen chimney, this can be the best option for you.

chimney suction power

The suction power in a kitchen chimney depends on the motor installed in it and it is important to see the suction power because if you take a chimney with less suction capacity, then it will be able to extract only a small amount of smoke out of the kitchen.

Modern kitchen chimneys nowadays come with a suction power capacity of 1100 m³/hr to 1400m³/hr. Kitchen chimneys with low suction power can be used in small-sized kitchens. Apart from this, if the size of your kitchen is a bit big, then only a high-capacity kitchen chimney should be chosen.

chimney filter type

If you like a chimney, it is either filterless technology or filter-equipped technology. Filter chimneys have 3 types of filters that work in different ways.

  • The first filter is called a cassette filter, these filters are made of aluminum mesh and are placed one above the other. Oil or grease during suction causes these filters to clog quickly, and they also reduce the suction power of the chimney. These need to be washed once a week for optimal performance.
  • The second filter is called a baffle filter. This filter is built in a multiple-curve structure to separate particles from oil and smoke during suction so that there is no obstruction in the motor’s suction power.
  • Third, are carbon filters which are made of black charcoal, these filters mainly work to absorb odors. During suction, oil, smoke particles, etc. get deposited on the filter, reducing the chimney’s suction power.

method of cleaning

The kitchen chimney removes smoke, particles of spices, oil etc. from the kitchen, due to which its internal part gets spoiled in a short time. Which can be very tiring to clean.
There are two types of kitchen chimneys in which one comes with auto clean feature and the other comes without any cleaning feature.

The Auto Clean feature automatically cleans the chimney, saving you the need to clean it. Keeping the auto-clean chimney clean is very easy.

Manual Cleaning Kitchen Chimney needs to be cleaned by your own hands so you have to spend a lot of your time for cleaning.


Budget is also the main factor to choose any kitchen chimney because if you choose a kitchen chimney within a normal budget then it comes with high suction capacity, auto clean feature, and some other features.

But the same if you take a kitchen chimney by making more budget, then you get a chimney with better suction capacity along with many other features.

Generally, kitchen chimneys come within the budget of 4000 to 80,000 in more expensive chimneys come with better options and features.


The kitchen chimney exhausts the smoke with the help of a fan, due to which the noise of the fan is more, if you like less noise, then such a chimney should be selected which has a silent kit, which generates less noise.


Having service centers near your city for free services provided by the brand makes it easy for you to avail of free services from the brand along with your purchase. Apart from this, buy the product of the same brand whose service is easily available in your city.


What should be the size of the kitchen chimney?

The sizes of kitchen chimneys available in the market are 60 cm and 90 cm. Which you can use in different places. If you use 2 to 3 burners for cooking then a 60cm kitchen chimney is the best option for you. But if you use more than 3 burners for cooking then you should go with a 90 cm kitchen chimney.

Is auto-clean chimney better than manual?

The Auto Clean Chimney comes with many other features that make it better than the manual one. It works more efficiently than a manual chimney and requires less maintenance.


Kitchen chimney proves to be very useful in a kitchen as it helps you a lot in keeping the kitchen odor and smoke free. But a common man has to face a lot of difficulties in choosing a new kitchen chimney which is the size of the kitchen, suction power, capacity, etc.

We have tried to solve all these problems through this blog and have told you how to choose a kitchen chimney by following only a few easy steps.

We hope you must have liked today’s article, if you are not able to understand some things properly even after reading this article, then definitely ask in the comment below, our team will answer your question as soon as possible.


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