14 things to consider before buying a massage chair in 2023: beginners guide

If you too have decided to buy a massage chair, do you know what are the things to keep in mind while buying a massage chair? If not then you don’t need to worry. Because we are there for you

14 things to consider before buying a massage chair

There are many things that you should keep in mind while buying a massage chair, although you may not know it all if you try to choose a massage chair for the first time.

There are many products available in the market which come with different properties but which one should you choose, do you know?

What are your thoughts on massage chairs? There are many questions related to your need for a massage chair and keeping a massage chair, the answer to which you probably do not even know. But are you really worth getting a massage chair?

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Let us consider the things that one should keep in mind while buying a massage chair.

14 Things to Look for When Buying A Massage Chair

1.massage techniques

If you look at any massage chair, its first function is to provide you with the best and most comfortable massage. So it is very important to keep in mind what technology the machine is offering.

Mastering techniques can be of different types like full body massage, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, etc. Although all massage chairs come with auto turn. Which provides relief from pain in the muscles of the body.

However, it cannot be denied that the better the massage technology in the massage chair, the higher its price will be seen.

2.coverage area

Along with the technique of massage in the massage chair, you can also consider the area of the body covered by the chair you see.

Keeping all this in mind, massage chairs offer full body massage and cover areas such as back massage and neck massage and also come with the ability to cover the feet and soles.

The decision of the massage chair you choose depends on how it will be. Can choose

3.shape or track system

While buying the massage chair, it is told the shopkeeper that the massage chair comes with an S track and the L track. So what do they mean after all?

S Track: S track refers to the shape of the massager on the back and it completes the massage through rollers.

L Track: The L track system covers more space and provides a better massage. It covers the back and thigh area better than the S track.

4.speed control

The motion control feature is a must-have for a first-time user of any massage chair as it is a bit difficult for you initially when you take the massage. But if you gradually increase the intensity by reducing it, then it becomes easier for the person doing the massage.

Although all massage chairs offer motion controls for more convenience and comfortable massage to their customers, they offer only one setting which becomes a bit difficult to use.

5.heat function

You use any massage chair either to get relief from body pain or to reduce back pain.

It has been said by experts that heat massage provides quick relief from pain and relief from stress. So if you invest in your health then it is necessary to have heat function.

You get to see the heat function in the products available in the market, so if you want to experience heat massage on the whole back, then you should choose the massage chair according to your need.

6.size and weight

Before you choose the massage chair, it is very important to measure the size and weight according to your needs. Although the companies making massage chairs claim that the massage chair has been designed like a space savers.

But you should buy the massage chair according to your condition and place. Apart from this, the location of the plug to connect it to electricity, etc. are also worth seeing.

7.zero gravity function

It is recommended by experts that if you choose a massage chair for back pain, then a massage done with zero gravity is considered better.
Zero gravity refers to the chair reclining completely back and your body in a reclined position with legs above heart level, with the weight and pressure evenly distributed throughout the body. Is.

But it is worth considering that the massage chair that comes with this function is slightly bigger in size, which will require additional space.


The massage chair should have controls adapted to your convenience to control it during use. The products available in the market come with remote control or side hand control and some new technology products also come with mobile control.

Which one you should choose depends on the convenience as you are more capable with which type of control. However, most people prefer to buy massage chairs that come with remote control features as they are easier to control during the massage.

9.body scan technology

What is this body scan technology after all? So let us tell you that this massage chair has a technology, with the help of which it is helpful in providing better massage by adjusting its rollers according to the length and width of the body by scanning the body before the massage.

This is helpful for those who have multiple users of the massage chair in their home as the massage chair adjusts itself to provide a comfortable massage as per the need.

Although massage chairs that come with body scan technology are a bit expensive, this feature is very useful.

10.security features

The safety features are also important because the machine should not over-massage the tension during the massage and sleepiness due to the relaxing massage.

It is safe to use massage chairs with facilities like auto shutdown. If ever sleep comes even after sitting on the chair and relieving the pain, it stops automatically.

11.massage airbags

Massage airbags in the massage chair help in relieving stiffness and tension in the muscles of the body through air. They are located on the back, sides of the legs, and arms and when inflated with air, they

compress your muscles, helping blood flow and providing pain relief.
Massage airbags come with rollers as well if you want to go for one then the option is also available for this but massaging both together can provide an enhanced massage experience.


Talking about massage chair, it is more expensive, so if you are choosing to buy a massage chair within a budget, then you can choose the one that costs less than 1,00,000.

But if you are looking for a massage chair with more features out of the budget, then without worrying about the price, you can choose the best and best performing massage chair for yourself.

13.ease of use

If you choose a massage chair by paying more money, then you should keep in mind that massage chairs are made to keep you free from stress and hence their use should be equally easy for you.

Although the controls of today’s modern massage chairs are easy and simple, they can be controlled through a touchpad or can be operated through a remote.


If you are making such a huge investment, then it is very important to check the warranty that comes with the machine so that you can be free from the worry of damage to the massage chair.

Different manufacturers offer different types of warranties, which typically range from one to three years.

In the end, you have come to know what are the parameters to be looked for in a massage chair and what are the things to be kept in mind so that you can choose the best massage chair.

What are the health benefits of using a massage chair

After this, are you ready to know what are the effects of using a massage chair on your health or what are the benefits of massage chair, then let’s take a look at them.

Massage Chair is able to provide relief from many problems such as muscle pain, tension, stress and insomnia by providing massage to your whole body and its use can cure physical, mental and health related issues. can be remedied.

  • The use of a massage chair, helps in reducing muscle pain in the body.
  • Using a massage chair helps in increasing the flexibility, posture, and immune system of the body.
  • Problems like migraine and headaches can be relieved by using a massage chair.
  • Massage from the massage chair helps in boosting digestion and keeps the skin fresh.
  • Using a massage chair improves blood circulation.
  • Using a massage chair relaxes the nervous system and boosts immunity.
  • The use of a massage chair promotes mobility and flexibility in the joints.
  • After using the massage chair, the body gets relief, which leads to better sleep.
  • A massage chair is helpful for those facing problems like back pain, neck pain, and leg pain.
  • Apart from this, body massage is considered the primary treatment for many health-related diseases, which proves to be effective to a great extent.

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