6 simple ways to cover chimney pipe in kitchen:

If you look at any house, then you definitely get to see the modular kitchens in it, even in India, every house is getting attracted towards modular kitchens, and why not, it improves the entire layout of your kitchen. And it is known for its efficient use of space.

how to cover chimney pipe in india

Modular kitchens are clean and very beautiful to look at. The chimney is very important in any modular kitchen and its pipe can look unsightly if not covered properly.

However, today we will tell you how to cover chimney pipe in kitchen. so that there is no reduction in the beauty of your kitchen.

here are some suggestions so that you can easily hide the kitchen chimney pipe. So let’s know about those suggestions,

6 ways to cover chimney pipe in kitchen

using the kitchen cabinet

how to cover chimney pipe in kitchen
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Kitchen cabinets are needed in every kitchen, but what if it comes in handy to cover the chimney pipe? The simplest and most elementary solution is to cover the fireplace by installing a cabinet.

However, before choosing the kitchen cabinet you need to understand the size of the fireplace and the size of the space. It is worth keeping in mind whether the cabinet you choose can cover the chimney pipe completely or not.

If you really want to use the empty space as well, then you have to choose the cabinet wisely so that the interior of the cabinet can also be used. Selecting the right cabinet as per your requirement and space is extremely important.

covered chimney using columns and soffits

using soffits hide chimney pipe

This can be considered the second easiest way by which you can hide the kitchen chimney pipe. For this, you may need columns or soffits which are easily available in the market.

If you understand soffits in simple language, they are made of wood or fiber which are used to hide the empty space on houses or roofs. If you also want to hide your chimney pipe, then it can be easy for you to use it.

However, if you want to maintain the beauty of the modular kitchen, then choosing soffits that match the kitchen can be a good option for you.

using paint

Using a paint can prove to be right for you only if you are not in a position to implement any other suggestion. Because paint can only distract attention from the chimney pipe, it cannot hide it.

But due to lack of space, you can easily cover the chimney pipe with paint, although you have to choose the color in such a way that it matches your modular kitchen. So that it can cover the chimney pipe without harming the beauty of the kitchen.

It may be better for you to choose a good quality exterior paint as it will look sharp in the long run so that you will not have to get the chimney pipe painted every year.

hide chimney pipe with kitchen accessories

how to hide kitchen chimney
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There are a lot of accessories and utensils required in the kitchen, you can also use them to fill the empty space and hide the chimney pipe. Along with this, you can also use some creative wallpapers or stickers.

view the best accessory ideas

This method is simple and free which you can implement with easy home remedies. This approach ensures that the modular kitchen space is not wasted.

placing the pipe behind the chimney

how to cover chimney pipe

This method works when you are about to install a kitchen chimney because in this you take out the chimney duct pipe from the wall just behind the chimney so that the chimney pipe disappears from your kitchen.

This can work only if you take the pipe out of the wall immediately behind the chimney instead of the ceiling or the left and right wall.

Looking for Other Chimney Options

how to hide chimney pipe in india
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In any of the suggestions given by us, if you feel that it is not suitable for your modular kitchen, then you can choose any other kitchen chimney with better performance and convenience.

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However, choose it only if you are not stuck on a limited budget. More expensive kitchen chimneys come with more suction power that can extract heat as well as smoke more easily.

bottom line

Having a chimney in a kitchen can be very beneficial and provide better convenience, it takes the cooking experience up a star and also helps in keeping the air in the kitchen cool and pure.

But the open pipe of the kitchen chimney can reduce the beauty of your modular kitchen. But with the tips offered by us, you can easily cover your chimney pipe.

Our experts believe this guide can help you with the problem of how to cover chimney pipes. Keep in mind that the suggestion that you are using to cover the pipe should maintain the beauty of your modular kitchen.


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