why is chimney necessary in modular kitchen: 6 reasons

Are you also one of those people who think why a chimney is necessary for the kitchen? Apart from this, if you do not know the benefits of the chimney present in the kitchen, then you need to read this article today.

why is chimney necessary in modular kitchen

By the way, if we talk about the traditional kitchen, then it can probably be easily maintained without a chimney, but if you have a modular kitchen, then you will have to take care of the beauty of the kitchen and get relief from the problem of heat and smoke while cooking. For this, only a chimney can help.

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So is chimney necessary in modular kitchen? Let us know about the benefits of having a chimney in the kitchen.

Before you know why chimney is necessary in kitchen, know what is chimney. and how it works.

what is chimney

If you understand the chimney in simple language, then it is an electric appliance that helps in taking out the smoke and oil pollutants from the kitchen. Generally, it is made for use in every modular kitchen and conventional kitchen.

Along with this, the chimney keeps the kitchen odor free by expelling the hot air and foul smell while cooking. A chimney is installed just above the cooking counter so that it can function optimally and exhaust the smoke.

types of chimney

Before you know whether a chimney is necessary for a modular kitchen, you should know how many types of chimneys are there. that you can use in the kitchen

There are four types of chimneys commonly used in the house, here you can see how many types of electric chimneys are there.

Wall-Mounted chimney

Wall-Mounted chimney
source: bosch-home.in

This type of chimney is adjacent to the wall, it is useful only for those whose cooking counter is adjacent to the wall. It looks very beautiful and adds to the beauty of a modular kitchen.

island chimney

island chimney
source: elicaindia.com

Another type of chimney is the island chimney. These chimneys are made for use where the cooktop counter is in the center of the kitchen, where the island chimney is found hanging from the ceiling, which is installed just above the cooktop.

built-in chimney

built-in chimney
source: designcafe.com

Built-in chimneys are considered helpful in saving space, they can be easily fitted into modular kitchen furniture. This other chimney is not visible from the outside in the modular kitchen.

corner chimney

corner chimney
source: faberspa.com

The last type of chimney is the corner chimney, as the name suggests, it is installed in a corner. This chimney is the best option for those whose cooktop counter is located in the corner of the kitchen.

6 reasons why a modular kitchen needs a chimney

The chimney is very useful in a modular or traditional kitchen, it provides you an important contribution to cooking, it releases heat, particles of spices, and smoke so that you do not have any problems while cooking. What are the benefits of a chimney in a kitchen?

1. Keeps the kitchen smoke free

The kitchen chimney pulls out the smoke generated while cooking with its suction power, keeping your kitchen smoke-free. If someone is allergic to the smoke produced by cooking, then he can easily cook using the chimney in the kitchen.

2. Protects kitchen tiles and furniture from getting dirty

In the kitchen, you must have seen that the tiles get dirty very quickly and particles of oil, grease, and spices are also applied to them, which looks ugly. But if you use a chimney, then along with the smoke, the chimney expels the particles of oil, spices, etc., which prevents the tiles from getting damaged in the kitchen.

3. Enhances the look of the kitchen

If you are thinking of making your kitchen a modular kitchen, then you will definitely need a chimney for it, because it is the mainstay of the modular kitchen’s attraction. The chimney gives a classic design to the modular kitchen.

4. Keeps bad odors away

There are many things in a kitchen from which food is prepared and apart from this, a lot of spices and vegetables are used while cooking, due to which foul smell spreads in the kitchen. If you use a chimney, then the chimney keeps all the bad smells away.

5. Reduces heat in the kitchen

When the chimney is switched on, it draws air out of the kitchen with the help of suction power. Whenever you cook food, its effect increases the heat in the kitchen and it becomes more so during summer. But the chimney with its high power capacity also throws out the heat.

6. prevents sneezing and irritation

In Indian kitchens, we cook different types of dishes and use many spices in them, due to these spices many times there is a burning sensation in the mouth and sneezing. But you can get rid of sneezing and irritation from the chimney in the kitchen. The chimney removes all kinds of spices and smokes with strong suction power so that it does not spread throughout the kitchen and you can avoid it.

FAQs: is chimney necessary in modular kitchen

1) What is the alternative of chimney in kitchen?

If you do not like to choose a kitchen chimney and are looking for an alternative to the chimney, then you can look at the exhaust fan. An exhaust fan can also be a successful option in exhausting the air and heat in the kitchen.

Does the chimney reduce the heat in the kitchen?

Whenever you use a gas cooktop in the kitchen, it increases the temperature in the kitchen and due to this you have to face difficulty in cooking, but the chimney with its suction capacity removes the air from inside the kitchen, due to which The temperature of the kitchen decreases.

Why is a chimney necessary for a kitchen?

The chimney is an important part of the kitchen which is used in all houses, if you talk about the usefulness of the chimney in the kitchen, then the chimney helps in taking out the particles of smoke, odor, oil, and spices from the kitchen and makes the kitchen dirty. It also plays an important role in keeping it free.

Does the chimney reduce odors?

Many odors are generated while cooking in the kitchen, which makes it difficult to cook, but the kitchen chimney takes all these odors out of the kitchen and recycles the pure air.

Final Words

After reading all this, you must have felt that why there is a need for a chimney in the kitchen and why the chimney is so important for the kitchen.

If you are thinking of buying a fireplace, then you can read our chimney buying guide so that you can easily choose the chimney of your choice.

Also if you are looking for a budget-friendly best kitchen chimney in India then you can see here the best kitchen chimneys under 15000. We hope this information is good for you and you must have got the answer to this question of whether a kitchen chimney is necessary.


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