Is it worth getting a home treadmill? Proper guide

To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to run or walk daily or it is necessary to exercise in the morning. But in this busy life, it can be difficult to find time for yourself.

Is it worth getting a home treadmill

But is this the only reason why you or I are not able to take care of our health? No, sometimes even bad weather can stop you from running outside. However, we have a great piece of equipment that can give you the complete joy of jogging at home and that is the treadmill.

But the same question arises in everyone’s mind Is it worth getting a home treadmill? Although this question is also important because before investing we should know whether Is it worth getting a home treadmill?

No need to worry, today’s article will answer all your questions, for all the questions, read the article till the end.

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Why should you buy a treadmill for home?

This thought comes to everyone’s mind why should one buy a treadmill for home? But the answer to this question is also related to your health.

There are many reasons why you have to buy a treadmill for home, but here we will discuss only some special reasons so that it will be easy for you to understand.

Reasons to buy a treadmill for home

Investing in a treadmill can be a big financial investment for you but it will pay off in the long run.

  • If you are very conscious about your health and like to do daily workouts and jogging but due to a short time you cannot go out of the house daily, then a treadmill can help you.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to get out of the house due to bad weather or extreme cold, which hinders your daily workout routine. But if you have a treadmill then you can get the benefit of jogging, running, etc from home.
  • For less than a one-year membership to your gym, you get access to a treadmill that provides long-term benefits.
  • If you are never able to do your workout early in the morning, then your whole day passes with mental stress due to which you cannot concentrate on work. But if you have your own treadmill, then you are its owner, you can start running by taking time out whenever you want during the day.

is treadmill a good investment

It cannot be denied that a treadmill can be a good investment for you. Because by buying it you get many health benefits as well as financial benefits which we will know further.

We all know that our health is very important to live a better life and to maintain good health, daily exercise and workout is very important.

But with the paucity of time, we are able to give less time to our health due to which our life is passing in mental stress and anxiety. Although spending on your health can never be bad.

But apart from all this, if you live in a joint family, everyone can use a treadmill, then you tell me how a treadmill cannot be the right investment in such a situation.

Benefits of Having a Home Treadmill

When it comes to the benefits of a treadmill at home, there is no denying that no equipment related to your health will provide any benefit.

Similarly, there are many benefits of having a home treadmill, which you can read below.

  • The biggest advantage of having a home treadmill is that Gym membership money is saved.
  • For less than the cost of a one-year membership, you get a treadmill that’s sure to keep you comfortable for a long time.
  • By keeping a home treadmill, you become its owner, you can use it anytime in the morning, evening, day, or night.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to get out of bad weather, but by keeping a treadmill at home, you do not have to depend on the weather, you can complete your daily routine workout even in bad weather.
  • With daily use, you will also be able to reduce your weight, so that you will not need to follow any diet.
  • Having a treadmill at home will allow you as well as your family members to use it.
  • You can continue your workout on the treadmill while listening to your favorite songs.

Potential Drawbacks of a treadmill at home

Although if you keep a treadmill at home, it does not cause any significant harm, you need to know what are the Potential Drawbacks of a treadmill at home.

  • A treadmill is an expensive piece of equipment so you may have to make a good investment to choose it but can also give you many health benefits.
  • A treadmill is a large piece of equipment that requires extra space in your home. For this, it is very important for you to arrange a place.

Is it worth getting a treadmill at home?

Now let’s talk about our main question Is it worth getting a treadmill at home?

If you live in a joint family, then the investment made on this can give benefits to your entire family. Buying a treadmill for home is a good idea for you so that you can complete your workout routine at any point in time.

On the other hand, even if you do not have a proper arrangement to go to the gym, you can buy a treadmill for your home so that both your time and money can be saved.

should I buy a treadmill or go to the gym?

The answer to this depends on you whether you will join a gym or buy a treadmill. Let’s understand this question in a slightly different way.

If you live in a place where there is no facility like a gym and even if it is far away from your home then it would be appropriate to buy a treadmill.

Because all the time you cannot come to work out so far from home and it is impossible in bad weather.

Apart from this, if you are spending more on gym membership then you should consider buying a treadmill as it will be available for less than your annual gym membership. Also, it will give you years of service.

Do treadmills use a lot of electricity?

Many times this question comes to the mind of many people whether the treadmill uses more electricity, then tell you that the power consumption of the treadmill depends on the motor installed in it, and how many HP motor is installed in it.

Below you will know how much power an HP motor consumes.

1HP motor treadmill power consumption

Per hour watt- 745.7 watts 

Per hour unit usage- .745 units

2 HP motor treadmill power consumption

Per hour watt- 1491.4 watts 

Per hour unit usage- 1.491 units

3 HP motor treadmill power consumption

Per hour watt- 2237 watts 

Per hour unit usage- 2.237 units

The best treadmill for home use

ModelMain FeatureBuy links
Durafit Foldable TreadmillSturdy Build
Stable Design
Foldable Design
PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 Pre-installed Motorized Steel TreadmillMotorized Operation
Steel Frame
Incline Levels
lifelong FitPro LLTM09 Manual Incline Motorized Treadmill Motorized Operation
Sturdy Build
Heart Rate Monitor
Emergency stop key
WELCAREMAXPRO PTM405M 2HP Multifunction Folding TreadmillPowerful Motor
Foldable Design
Heart Rate Monitor
Cockatoo CTM-101 Stainless-Steel TreadmillStainless-Steel Build
Motorized Operation
Heart Rate Monitor
Pre-set Programs
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Treadmill is a good investment for you if you are very conscious about your health. It looks forward to providing you with its convenience for a long time.

If you have now decided that you have to buy a treadmill, then you can choose the above options as it is one of the best treadmills available in India.

We hope you have got the answer to this question Is it worth getting a treadmill at home? If yes then do tell in the comment.

Thanks for reading!


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