kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan: which one is better for the Indian kitchen

Both exhaust fans and chimneys are used by most people in Indian kitchens and both help in exhausting the heat and gases from the kitchen to the best of their ability.

kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan
kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan

But exhaust fans work with less efficiency than chimneys. Both exhaust fans and kitchen chimneys can be used in the kitchen, on this the question of the people is which is the better option for an Indian kitchen in kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan.

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan

If we look at the functionality of the exhaust fan and kitchen chimney, then the exhaust fan is used to remove smoke and odor from the kitchen. But it fails to remove oil and grease particles. Due to this oil particles accumulate on the walls of the kitchen and make the kitchen greasy.

If you have a modular kitchen, then you will not tolerate your tiles and cupboards getting damaged quickly. With this, during the use of an exhaust fan, you need to waste more time keeping the kitchen clean.

But in the case of the kitchen chimney, it is the reverse. The kitchen chimney is capable of extracting gas, heat, smoke, particles of oil and spices, etc. from the kitchen with its powerful suction capacity. Along with this, kitchen chimneys are equipped with filters and oil collectors. Which separates the particles and gas of spices.

The kitchen chimney is considered essential for a modular kitchen as it protects kitchen tiles and furniture from damage and you do not need to spend much time cleaning the kitchen.

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How does exhaust fan work in the kitchen?

You all must know about the exhaust fan used in the kitchen, apart from this, you must also know that it is used to take out the heat from the kitchen, but do you know how the exhaust fan works? Is? let’s know

A kitchen exhaust fan works to remove heat or moisture in a small space. It consists of a fan that draws hot air from the kitchen and releases it outside.

It is generally used in the kitchen, bathroom, or small space where the heat is high. Conveniently, it works to circulate cool air in the kitchen by expelling the hot air.

How does a kitchen chimney work?

You must be well aware of the use of chimneys in the kitchen. But do you know how the kitchen chimney works, if not, then we are going to tell you this further, let’s know

A chimney mainly consists of three components, a capture panel to trap the gases, an oil and grease collector or filter, and a fan with powerful suction power.

It is installed in a kitchen just above the cooktop counter so that it sucks the hot air, smoke, grease, and spice particles released during cooking. At the same time, the oil and particles are trapped in the filter present in it and the smell, heat, and smoke come out.

Is chimney mandatory in kitchen

If we talk only about India, then spicy food is prepared here daily, due to which the smoke and heat in the kitchen makes you in a bad condition. Along with this, your kitchen can also be dirty.

Due to the excessive amount of smoke and oil flying, grease and oil start accumulating on the kitchen tile. Which takes a lot of your time to clean. In such a situation, you may need a kitchen chimney that sucks the particles of hot air, gas, smoke, and spices from the kitchen and also saves the kitchen from getting dirty.

If you want to know in detail about whether a chimney is necessary for the kitchen, then you can read this, in which you have been told about the benefits of the use of the chimney in the kitchen.

Is exhaust fan mandatory in kitchen

It is necessary to have an exhaust fan in the kitchen only when the size of the kitchen is small and there is not enough space to install the chimney. Apart from this, if you do not want to increase the electricity bills, then you may need an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

But if you really want to give a classic look to the kitchen, then you should choose a kitchen chimney only because it has the ability to work in a better way.

What is the use of chimney in kitchen?

The primary function of a kitchen chimney is to remove particles of hot air, steam, gas, smoke, and spices from the kitchen. Apart from this, it also provides you with a clean and hygienic environment while cooking so that you do not have any problems while cooking.

What is the use of exhaust fan in kitchen?

If we talk about the exhaust fan in the kitchen, then its first function is to take out the hot air in the kitchen and the second is to reduce the temperature of the room. Along with this, it also helps you to remove smoke, etc. from the kitchen.

kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan which one is better for you

By looking at the functionality of a kitchen chimney and exhaust fan and understanding its use in the kitchen, it can be easily ascertained which option is best for you.

Apart from this, if you would like to choose one, then which one should you choose? There is still some confusion left in this question, so let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of chimneys and exhaust fans.

kitchen chimney

kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan
Better able to filter airIt is more expensive.
Adds a classic look to the kitchenIt consumes more power.
it makes a low noise when it is onMore maintenance is required.
It prevents the interior of the kitchen from getting sticky.Its installation cost is also high.
It is placed just above the cooktop so that the smoke does not spread throughout the kitchen.
It can be easily taken apart for cleaning.
It reduces the efforts of cleaning the kitchen.

exhaust fan

kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan
Exhaust fans help in expelling the smoke and odor from the kitchen.It makes too much noise.
The exhaust fan is easy to install.Exhaust fans need to be cleaned frequently.
Exhaust fan consumes less power.Does not draw air well.
The cost of an exhaust fan is much less than that of a chimney.The wall of the kitchen gets dirty quickly due to the exhaust fan.
An exhaust fan is considered the best option for the bathroom.It is very difficult to clean the exhaust fan, especially the blades.
Operating the exhaust fan is easy.

We have told you about the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen chimneys and exhaust fans so that it will be easy for you to know which option is the best.

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Which is better for Indian kitchen chimney or exhaust fan

We have given detailed information about both chimneys and exhaust fans above but still if you are not able to decide which option is better for Indian kitchens then below are some of its factors on the basis of which you can choose one. Can choose

  • If you live alone somewhere outside and cook only alone in the kitchen, then you should choose an exhaust fan instead of a chimney.
  • If you live with the whole family and use the kitchen every day, then you should choose a chimney.
  • If you are worried about electricity bills, then choosing an exhaust fan instead of the chimney is the right option.
  • If the size of your kitchen is small and there is not enough space to install a chimney, then choosing an exhaust fan is the last option left.
  • If you do not run after saving money, then choosing a chimney is the best option.
  • If you are fond of eating and cooking more spicy food, then Chimney can be considered as the best option.
  • If you do not want to waste much of your time cleaning the kitchen, then you should choose the kitchen chimney which will save you time.

Do we need exhaust fan if we need chimney?

If we look at the functionality of the kitchen chimney and exhaust fan, then we can consider the work of the kitchen chimney to be better and it works better than the exhaust fan.

If you already have a chimney then you will not need an exhaust fan as a kitchen chimney is better than an exhaust fan in terms of performance.

FAQs: kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan

Is Chimney Really Useful in Kitchen?

Many people have an exhaust fan installed in their kitchens, which gives them the illusion that they do not need a chimney, but when they use the chimney, they realize how useful the chimney is for the kitchen.

What can we use instead of chimney?

If you do not like to go for the chimney then you can go for an exhaust fan which works somewhat like a chimney and easily makes the kitchen smoke-free.

bottom line

There is no doubt that a kitchen chimney is better than an exhaust fan, but some people do not know the answer to this question, due to which they are not able to choose the right option.

Now if you have decided that you have to buy a chimney, then you can see our kitchen chimney buying guide, in which you have been told the complete 8 steps so that you can choose the best option for yourself.


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